Saturday, May 12, 2007

Open House: Chardonnay Mathys

Chardonnay Mathys' home, or mansion is more like it, features contemporary style, high vault ceilings, warm neutral and earth tones, and surprises around every corner.

The first thing I noticed about Chardonnay's home was the home theater, pictured. She furnished her home theater meticulously, down to the little bucket of popcorn, and it's those details that really make a furnished home interesting. The lovely brown modular couch has a variety of poses, and you can hide or unhide the poseballs by touching anywhere on the couch. It's created by Dione Jacques along with the giant tv, which has animated speakers!

For purely adult entertainment, Chardonnay has thoughtfully placed a bar in front of a window. The trick with home decorating is placement; you can have the best furniture in Second Life, but still have a house that looks incomplete when you don't consider the arrangement of your pieces. So, big props for finding the perfect spot for the bar and placing it there. Also, check out how the carpet and wallpaper are coordinated; they don't match exactly, but they're coordinated quite nicely.

The candlelit bedroom is heaven, featuring furniture by Susan Ramos and a large self-portrait of Char. The tones are warm neutrals and browns - very relaxing. Char's kitchen is modern with steaming plates of hot food waiting for her lucky guests. Speaking of comfort, it sure was nice to cosy up by the fire in Char's colorful, Southwestern-style family room.

As I was leaving Char's home, I was greeted with yet another surprise - cold lemonade and a beautiful beachfront view. The patio furniture is from Del Sol, and appear to be part of a set. The lemonade, though, was the perfect touch of hospitality in a wonderfully inviting home.

Ramos Island (67, 137, 39)
DEL SOL PATIO SECTION, Del Luna (241, 61, 28)
Extraordinaire Isle (69, 143, 34)
Diones Designs (128, 120, 26)

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