Sunday, May 13, 2007


I bought some modeling stuff at Linden Lifestyles' Sabrina Doolittle's shop, Picture Perfect. I bought one of her copyable portfolios, and I filled it with purty pictures and turned it into a poor man's coffee table book. The theme is deconstructed beauty and a harsh commentary on body image - sort of an ironic use for a modeling portfolio.

Some of the pictures are nude, albeit tasteful, so be warned, but you're welcome to take a copy! It's located on the coffee table in my SL home. The landmark is below.

Picture Perfect: Modeling Studio, Calla (113, 81, 22)
Slade Estates, Miliaco (105, 110, 86)

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Chardonnay said...

Hiyas Rachel, I tried to take one but it wasn't set for copies.