Saturday, May 12, 2007

Key West: Open House

For the first of Second Life Decor's "Open House" photo features, we take a virtual vacation in the sunny Key West, FL sim.

Lebechai Vesta, who owns the sim, showed off her old fashioned Southern hospitality and gave me a quick tour of her home. I know I've mentioned this a few times before, but I'm on my laptop, so my pictures just can't do the sim justice; you'll have to check it out yourself for the full effect: sandy white beaches, blue water - just like the real Key West!

Lebechai's Second Life home is fun, bright and eclectic. From the purple exterior siding to the tropical artwork, Lebechai left no detail unrezzed. The house itself is a replica of a real bed and breakfast in Key West. In fact, the entire sim is populated with homes that exist in RL - including the dazzling Hemingway House, the crowning jewel of the island.

The living room is adorable, with the mismatch of South Beach sorbet colors and patterns that distinguishes Floridian decor. Yet, the pieces are carefully selected so that the colors are in harmony - not an easy feat since Floridian decor occupies the line between tropical dream vacation and neon tacky nightmare. The furniture is also arranged so that it's open and inviting instead of blocked-in as is the default arrangement for a living room set.

The bedroom is a whole lot of fun and even has an animated wardrobe. You can see a pic of the wardrobe with one door open and one door closed above. The bed has a delightful yellow bedspread with a fun floral print. I could swear that I've slept in that same bedspread during one of many hotel stays in Florida. To top it all off, the wallpaper features painted wall reliefs and other surprises throughout the house.

If you like the Key West style, you're in luck because Lebechai is renting out units at the sim. She bought her furniture at Del Sol Open Market and the outdoor furniture from Pondlife.

New Key West: New Conch Republic 116, 166, 22
Del Sol Open Market: Del Sol 126, 147, 29
Pondlife: PondLife 100, 199, 22

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