Saturday, May 5, 2007

Great IDEA

IDEA Home Center is having its grand opening today, and you know what that means: freebies, and freebies means Raychel is so there.

IDEA features a variety of furniture, art and decor that is reasonably priced and low in prims. The furniture is informed by the modern, simple lines from IKEA, as are the reasonable prices. They have some nifty little items, like the alarm clock pictured above that's packaged with a cute modern nightstand. That wall of colorful chairs actually represents their collection of four-piece living room sets, priced at 777L each. The couches, chairs and other furniture pieces are under 20 prims each as far as what I inspected. You can get a lovely sofa for 350L or 250L and 15 prims. End tables are generally under 100L, and coffee tables are about 130L.

Once more, I apologize for the low resolution, but I'm on the road in RL and stuck with a laptop through August.

Kankovan (179, 238, 86)

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