Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hidden Victorian Treasures

Buried deep in the Linden classified ads is a little Victorian furniture shop that packs a big punch. Almost everything is animated - the rolltop desk featured above has drawers and cabinets that open and close along with the rolltop feature. The face of the grandfather clock opens and closes as does the compartment below. There's a need little end table also pictured that has animated drawers and a folding leaf.

Most of the furniture is under 20 prims; the desk is only 14 prims, which is surprising. The prices are in the 175L-400L range.

There are also a bunch of neat little accents such as an umbrella stand and vintage wallpaper textures. The shop is still under construction, but definitely worth a look-see. I promise I'll be keeping tabs on this one!

Yongnam (67, 242, 32)

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Modern Retro Furniture said...

Great set, thank you. I love the table and office table, they look wonderful