Monday, April 30, 2007


Finding the perfect prefab is the quest for the holy grail in Second Life. If it looks good, it's probably too high in prims. If it's low in prims, it probable doesn't look good. Once in a while a designer really "gets it," but those designers are hard to find (believe me, I've looked).

Iva Geesink's Irreversible Designer Houses is one of the few prefab shops in Second Life that's creating quality, original prefab homes. The shop is still rather new, so the selection is limited to five designs, but all the homes are copyable and modifiable, so the range of options is nearly limitless with each home. Iva designs her prefabs to be easily customizable, so even the most discerning landowner can tweak her designs to his or her liking.

Among some of the features that come standard are tintable windows, lockable doors, and spacious rooms. The smallest home has a footprint of 20x20, so these aren't first land homes, but if you've invested in a larger plot of land you might as invest in a high-quality prefab. Other features include balconies, high ceilings, and real stairs! Homes start at 2999L and 115 prims.

By the way, I think these homes will also make great commercial and office spaces. The designs are sleek, detailed, professional and unique. As a bonus, the location of the shop has very little lag.

The design featured in the photos is "Magnolia." It's 263 prims with a 31x30 footprint.

Irreversible Designer Houses, Zarathud (66, 30, 22)

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